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Best Sellers Turrones

The turrons that are more successful and which, we suppose, are more like, for the moment:


These are the most sold turrons this year, they are all very special, there are also other sweets that are not turrons like chocolate sighs, marzipan figurines or turron filled chocolate bonbons.

All these sweets are very special and have their own flavor and texture, while the turron of Alicante is hard and with a very long tradition, the chocolates are a new product and with a creamy heart of liquid turron.

Therefore, we want to take a minute and talk about each of them a little to know these products better.

Traditional turron The turron of Alicante and Jijona are already well known and we have spoken many times of them, the most important of the turron is the percentage of almond and the type of almond. Ours have a designation of origin so that quality and quantity are suitable for a product of supreme quality.

Although it seems to be a lie these two turrons have almost the same ingredients and almost the same processing process simply changes a few small steps and the end of the process. However although flavor may be similar due to the almond, the way to eat it, the texture is completely different.

The turron of Yema Tostada has also been producing for many years. The origin of this turron on the one hand was the leftover yolk in the production that was recycled in the turron of Yema. turron turron and toasted yolk come hand in hand, since one leads to the other.

To make the turron of Yema Tostada, the faces of the yolk turron were sprinkled with sugar and with a very hot plate the sugar was burned, creating this turron.

On the other hand we have the turron that are the fusion of the marzipan and the turron: the turron of Snow or turron of marzipan. This turron is made mainly with marzipan and has a taste that reminds of this, in addition to a very similar texture. On the other hand we have the fruit turron, which is the union of marzipan turron with candied fruit.

Last but not least is the turron a la piedra, a turron very jijonenco. It only bears almond marcona, cinnamon, lemon zest and cinnamon. It is a very soft turron and a little sweeter and is one of the most delicious there is.


We started with the chocolate turron with almonds. Maybe it's the star, it's a combination of delicious soft cocoa with selected almonds. A burst of flavor, and we did not lie when we were ever asked for almost 20 of this turron in a shipment. It is truly delicious.

On the other hand the chocolates are not left behind, it started as a test and it turns out that if you liked it a lot, they are chocolates filled with liquid turron. A very powerful mixture and that luckily you liked it and we are happy.

The truffled chocolate has a crisp layer and a soft filling, chocolate lovers enjoy it very much and the truth is a turron that surprises with its flavor although at first glance may not seem the intense flavor it has.

Portions of turron

More and more we are asked for small portions of turron. Especially for events, or because they prefer to eat portions to bars. We have 20g and 50g servings. The portions of 50g are turron from Jijona and Alicante, this delicious and many times are cyclists who stop by our shop who buy them.

This year we received the order for an event of these portions and we are happy to think that we are to some extent involved in making the event a success.

On the other hand we have the assorted boxes of 20g portions, which are boxes of 3 kilos of mini turron of various flavors. They also ask us a lot for events such as baptisms, communions, etc. Other sweets

The peladillas above all ask us in wedding boxes since it has a very extensive tradition and a very beautiful symbology. They represent the union and the promises of the lovers. Although during Christmas a lot of people look for the peladillas concretely.

The bread of Cadiz is another very special sweet, made entirely by hand, the bread of Cadiz is marzipan with candied fruit inside. Few things are 100% handy today and this is one of them. The turron cream is a delicacy, its flavor is extraordinary and it is certainly one of the most delicious products we have tried.