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Where to buy turron in Jijona

Why a physical store?

Turronesydulces.com is an online store of typical Christmas sweets where our specialty is handmade turron. The turrones that we distribute worldwide are carefully prepared and sent directly once they have finished their process in the factory. Here is an example of the turrón a la piedra in a container, which you can only buy in our OFFLine shop (we cannot send it over the Internet):

Turrón a la piedra in terrine, only available at our turrón shop in Jijona and at the Jijona turrón fair

Recently we have dared to take the step of setting up our own physical shop, and in this way, as they say, you can put a face on us. The idea of this shop is to be able to offer the products of the page for those who decide to come to visit us. And now that Christmas is approaching, there are many adventurous people who decide to visit our village Jijona, the cradle of turrón.

As it could not be missing, we, the entrepreneurs of the first online shop of turrón, want to make this project much more than a simple turron shop. Our idea is that it should be open all year round, and serve to learn about the ancient history that surrounds our town and also the turrón. You are all invited to come and visit us, or to participate in the excursions we organize to the factories of this delicacy.

Where do we meet?

Our location is Calle El Vall, 26, bajos, 03100 Jijona, Alicante, Spain.  Next we insert a map to make it easy for you to find us:

In addition we leave you these guidelines, once you enter the village by the Bethlehem of the entrance you just have to follow the street up (which will take you to the main street known as 'La Plaça'). Before arriving you will find us on the left hand side, we are next to a restaurant in the village known by all its visitors as 'El monterrey' if you ask any jijonenco will know how to give you the directions.

This is the Bethlehem at our entrance to the village  


And these are some pictures from our shop window:

 Escaparate turronesydulces.com      Escaparate turronesydulces.com 

What products can you find?

As we have mentioned, all the products that we distribute through the website can be found here, and you can also enjoy other products that are merely exclusive to the physical store. For example, the freshly made turrón a la piedra. The reason why we don't distribute this product online is that we don't even package it, it comes directly from the factory to be tasted!

Besides specialists in traditional artisan turron we also stand out in many categories such as organic turron or those that do not contain sugar .

turronesydulces.com interior      turronesydulces.com interior


The best turrones don't have to be the best sellers, but they help us to decide when buying.


Find us at the Jijona fair

It has been 8 years since the Christmas fair was held in our village, we have been participating for 2 years and this will be our third. We will have our own stand with the rest in 'La Plaça' in front of the Santander bank and the stairs that go down.

This year we will be opening our physical store so we have prepared several discounts in both places for you to enjoy our turrones. Do not think twice and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want more information about the Christmas fair this year you can check it out on our own page.